I Am a Gay Woman Married to a Man


5 thoughts on “I Am a Gay Woman Married to a Man

  1. That is a fantastic, sad, but still hopeful story. I’m glad you have been able to finally express deep feelings. I was not surprised to hear that once again religion was a major player. Dogmatism is always wrong. Whether it is at church or from those who would tell us what it means to be straight or gay (or for that matter, dominant or submissive.) Definitions are fluid with society. What matters is how you define yourself, not how others define you. You have the right to call yourself whatever you want and it’s nobody’s place to disagree about who you are. Talk about arrogance. My favorite phrase for dogmatic critics? “Go fuck yourself”

    I also strongly agree with your idea that humans are not completely heterosexual or homosexual only. It is a continuum, like so many other things. To demand that someone commit to being “completely gay”, or “completely straight” is absurd. What about bisexual people? Don’t they exist? Of course. How ridiculous.

    Welcome to polyamory too. I’m new to it but now I feel I can finally breathe.

    We only get 80-90 years of life in the universe, if that. Make the best of it while it lasts. I suggest you focus on now, not somebody else’s made-up future fantasy.

    Good wishes for your journey.


    1. I am a Christian.
      I don’t have a problem with
      Gay Straight or any kind of person. I won’t preach.
      I want to be kind and respectful.
      I like serious debate.
      Unlike the bent and twisted religions. My personal belief in Christ. I feel Jesus would interact with all peoples and not be preaching. Remember he hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors.
      Thank you
      Have a blessed day

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